Monday, February 11, 2008

Colored Gems!

On my last post, I mentioned we had just started finding colored gems. (If you haven’t read my previous post read it now! -or this one will not make any sense) Well, we’ve found some more! Our first one was a beautiful tear drop/pear shaped purple one. I was so excited when I saw it. It looked red-ish on the ground and glistened, and I just knew it was a colored gem! Later that day someone found a mystic topaz. If you don’t know what that is, they are multi-colored gemstones with blues, greens, reds, and purple… it looks almost like oil floating on water, or oil on the ground swirling with many colors. It was so beautiful. After seeing this one, I began praying for God to send more colors.

I know a lot about diamonds and there characteristics, but I will admit I am somewhat limited when it comes to other precious stones. So, I will describe the colored ones we’ve received so far as best as I can. This Wednesday we invited some of our friends over to worship and seek the Lord. Taylor and I wanted them to experience the diamonds, and prayed early that day that they would find some. A few minutes after coming over people started finding them! When Chris arrived, we all stopped looking and worshiped for an hour or so. It was an awesome worship time and a real blessing to have him play. God’s presence just came down... you could feel it and see it!

After about an hour of worship, we all just started looking around the house for diamonds. Alyssa found a huge round diamond, probably about 3 carats! She started crying right after she found it, and was so touched by her new gift from God. It was really humbling seeing how much she appreciated it, and how excited she was to find it. I looked so hard that night for gems. It seemed like everyone else was finding them but me! I finally found one on the floor by our couch. I decided to keep that one with me in my pocket as I looked for more. It seemed like I could really feel God’s presence with it, and the presence just kept getting more intense.

I didn’t find any more for a while, but then the colors started coming! Other people just wanted to find a diamond or anything, but I really really wanted to find some colorful gemstones. While I was looking Taylor found a huge, round cut, green gem! It was probably over 3 carats and very dark green color, but still slightly translucent. I don’t know what it is but its really beautiful. I was so excited when she found it! I was telling somebody about the green one on the phone when the next one was found. I heard people yelling in the other room. (People are loud when they find gems from heaven) I quickly went into the other room and Chris had found a huge purple gem! This one was a square, princess cut. Yay! Praise Jesus! Yay for colored gems! Alyssa was in our room and yelled that she found a red one! It was a princess cut, and a beautiful red-ish orange-ish color! That got me really looking for more! Isn’t that awesome! God’s not limited to just diamonds – He’s not limited to anything actually, He’s God : ).

The next day Taylor and I had two people over for dinner. I think we found three right before they arrived, so Taylor and I had high expectations. I wanted a blue gem. We ate dinner, and afterwards showed our guest the gems we had already found. They were really amazed and soon we all started looking for some more. Almost immediately after we started looking I found a red one! Yay! It was a dark red, and to me looked like fire. We found a few round diamonds, then it seemed like to slow down a little bit. It’s like they show up in waves, we’ll find a bund in a row, then none for awhile. Then I found a blue one! It was about the same size and shape of the red one. It’s very translucent, and a very light shade of blue. It almost looks like water. Later that night the Lord spoke to me and said these two gems represent His fire and the prophetic (or revelation) in our lives. Amen! I got to have the fire of God! And I desperately desire, and need prophetic revelation from God every day.

So, why does this happen? Why would God manifest precious gemstones in His presence? I don’t know. However, I think that we need to be able to accept things we don’t fully understand, and be comfortable with not knowing everything to go deeper with God. God is infinitely glorious and His mysteries go on forever! The more I get to know God, the greater and bigger I find Him to be. As for why He chooses to manifest His glory, (like diamonds and gemstones) praise Him for it! Jesus only rebuked His disciples for unbelief, and hardness or heart. I believe the more we are open to whatever God wants to do, they more we will see Him doing. God wants to break out of our boxes and He will glorify His son Jesus! On earth Jesus required His disciples to discern truth in others’ testimonies (Mark 16:14). Let God challenge you to see Him, and expect Him to show up in new ways. Our testimony of what’s been happening here can happen everywhere. If it happened to us it can happen to you! Check out this verse: (Jesus was speaking to Martha about Lazarus, but it tells us about belief in general) “Did I not tell you that if you believed you would see the glory of God?” (John 11:40) It’s clear in the Bible that we are not to seek signs and wonders; they are to follow us around. As we seek after God, He will reveal Himself to us, and signs and wonders will follow.

We pray from heaven, to earth, because we are seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus right now (Eph. 2:6)! It’s time that heaven invades earth, and literally changes the physical environment. Let’s ask God for more! As we seek the Lord, and His presence comes down, I expect the appearance of the earth to become like heaven. Jesus taught us to pray ‘On earth as it is in heaven,” meaning, the earth that we live in should be like heaven, where God is enthroned. But let me be clear, we cannot do this – it is not by our power at all, but as God’s glory is released where we are, things change, and it’s His power that makes things change. Praise Jesus, for all power and dominion is His!

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gregpc said...

Thank you for your awesome testimony! I see this post is from 2008. I hope you are still manifesting diamonds and gemstones now, 7 years later. I found your site because I have been believing for God to pour out diamonds on us after having a vision of this happening to us. Please pray we manifest them too. It would sure bolster my wife's faith who thinks this is fake.

Maybe you should give them away and see if God gives more as Jesus said give and you shall receive. I am not saying give any to me, but just speaking in general. :)