Sunday, February 3, 2008

When the diamonds started falling…

We recently have been experiencing God’s presence in our home in very extreme ways. His glory has been showing up and manifesting gold dust, feathers and gems! If you’re wondering why He does this, I’m not fully sure. It’s exciting, amazing, and brings us into new realms of faith and worship of our King! My wife gave me the best explanation I have heard for why these manifestations occur: “Our God is in heaven. He does whatever he wants…” (Psalms 115:3) True signs and wonders should glorify God and give Jesus the praise due to His name. If you want to look at a Biblical foundation on signs and wonders, I have really in depth word study here. I decided not to explain everything here in my blog, but just state what has been happening…

After school Wednesday Taylor told me about a revelation she got from the Lord. God spoke to her about how we must seek Him! He can break through to us, but since He has given us free will, many times He is waiting for us to seek Him. She received a vision of people standing on a mountain top seeking the Lord and sketched it out in her journal. She said the Lord was scanning throughout the whole earth, looking for those that were desperately seeking after him with everything. This was a great word! We have to be content with God’s presence in our lives, but at the same time desperate for more of Him.

Later that night we went to a small home group meeting. It was great gathering where we worshiped and prayed over one another. Taylor shared the word and vision she had received early that day. After about 2 hours of praying the meeting was coming to an end when our friend Britney screams she found a diamond! We all gathered around and in her hand was a very tiny, sparkly, round cut and faceted diamond! I thought to myself, how did she find that, that’s almost to small to see? But in her hand you could make it out, and it really really was a little diamond!

Let me go back a little bit. Taylor and I had received 2 diamonds from the Lord that really blessed and encouraged us. Taylor shared the story about them at school, and many of the students have been asking the Lord for heavenly gems since then. Our friend Brittney was blessed by our testimony and lately had been really pressing in and asking the Lord for her own gem. Taylor and I had been praying for others to find them as well, and that night Britney did!

Right after she found it, we all just started searching for more. Why not? Soon John found one! It was really small, and looked just like the one Britney found. This really raised the faith in the room! We all kept looking, and soon Taylor found one, and David (another person named David, not me) found one! We were all searching and Taylor accidently dropped the one she found on the ground. When she went to pick it up, it was bigger!!! Everyone kept looking, and I think 6 were found before we all went home. Praise Jesus, come on!

They were all almost exactly the same size and shape. Taylor had found 2 and one was slightly larger than the other one, but they were both really small. We drove home at about 12:30 and almost as soon as we got inside Taylor found another diamond! This time it was a bigger one! We started crawling around on the floor looking for more diamonds, and we kept finding them, but now they were different shapes and sizes. They were getting bigger, and we even found a princess cut! When we had found 7, we were so tired, we couldn’t keep looking anymore so we decided to go to bed and look more in the morning. When we went into our room, and pulled the covers back on our bed there was another one under the covers! This one was big, probably a little over a carat and it was a heart shaped diamond!

The next day we found two more in the morning, and Taylor brought them all to school to share what had been happening. I called one of my friends, and he came over, and we each started to find more! We just crawled around and went hunting for diamonds. Later that evening when Taylor got back from school, we invited lots of people over to experience what has been happening. God was releasing diamonds all over! By that night I had lost count of how many Taylor and I had found, probably around 20, and that’s not counting any of the ones other people found! People were just crawling around the floor searching for diamonds. I think God was smiling at us acting like children searching for treasure. God wants us to seek after Him and pursue Him. His presence in our home is worth way more than all the diamonds in the world! We have to have Him! He wants us to seek after Him, just like we are seeking after a priceless treasure.

Yesterday we found our first colored gems! I was beginning to wonder if we would only receive diamonds… We found a pear, or tear, shaped tanzanite! (At least that’s what I think it is. Who knows maybe it’s some purple gem that’s only found in heaven.) Also, someone in Taylor’s small group found a heart shaped Mystic Topaz! That’s right. Heart-shaped gem, that was a Mystic Topaz, and its really really big!!!! Praise God! The gems are getting more unique!

Our faith and expectation as really increased. We are praying that people will be encouraged by our testimony and ask God to release heavenly gems in their homes! If it happened to us, it can happen to you! You can check out the pictures of them here. And read about the Colored Gems in my blog too.


Heather said...

My friend Bec at School of the Supernatural directed me toward your blog. I am a prayer missionary in Southern IL, in a tiny town - Cairo.
My faith is increased as I hear testimonies of others experiencing God in new ways. Bless you and your family. Continue to share His goodness and truth!

D said...

This is very encouraging! Thanks for the testimony.

You keep referring to them as "diamonds"; have you had tests done to determine that they are in fact diamonds, as opposed to some other clear crystal?

On the other hand, it's pretty miraculous any way you look at it: the gems show up from nowhere; whether they're diamond, glass, or something else doesn't reduce the marvel!

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Sarah DeShaw said...
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Sarah DeShaw said...
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Marina said...

I have had the gold dust on my hands for 9 days now and it is spreading to many people around me. I am so encouraged by your manifestation and am praying for the gems, too. Please pray for increase in our household. I know it is something God is doing to call my husband to walk in Christ again. Thanks and God bless!